A play on language that sketches a possible counter model to affectionate messages. When spoken word fails to convey the meaning of how much you care about someone, how do you share it? With the sign language broken into singular words, the work proposes a closer look on how we operate within gestures.

With stills from One Day Pina Asked, Chantal Akerman, 1983 A scene of rehearsal for Nelken by Pina Bausch, The Man I love by George Gershwin performed in sign language by Lutz Förster

As part of Emic Units, organised by Shibboleth Collevtive, a series about the migration of ideas exploring how far the confines of meaning can be stretched georaphically, historically, metaphorically and visually. 

32 pages
Edition of 300
ISBN 978-88-947591-2-9
Published by Shibboleth, 2023